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Specialized Cash, Document or Asset Holding Escrows

Parties involved in various real estate or personal property transactions, including purchase, sale, acquisition, merger, consolidation, or dissolution transactions, often need or require cash, documents or assets to be set aside and held by an independent third party or escrow agent until certain items are completed or conditions have been met or resolved.

Independent escrow companies, title insurance companies, trust companies, banks and other financial institutions will often decline to administer these specialized cash, document or asset holding escrows. 

Specialized cash, document or asset holding escrow accounts may involve, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • Lien or judgment holdbacks
  • Litigation settlement fund trust accounts
  • Merger, acquisition, divestiture holdback funds
  • Leasehold deposits or security deposits
  • Construction build-out, retainage and/or holdback funds
  • Construction controlled disbursement accounts
  • Separation, dissolution or dispute resolution settlement funds
  • Environmental hazardous waste clean-up and settlement trust funds
  • Indemnification trust fund accounts
  • Employment separation or discharge payments
  • Vendor verification of cash funds prior to shipping product or providing service
  • Legal document holding account
  • Intellectual property holding trust
  • Equity raise holding escrow accounts
  • Software source code escrow or holding trust
  • and other separation, dissolution, resolution and dispute settlement accounts

Exeter Fiduciary Services, LLC

Exeter Fiduciary Services, LLC is a leading provider of specialty trust and fiduciary services, including cash holding escrow accounts and cash holdback trust accounts as described above.  Exeter Fiduciary Services, LLC has extensive experience and expertise in the administration of dispute resolution, separation, dissolution and dispute settlement trust accounts. 

Exeter Fiduciary Services, LLC does not administer traditional escrow services, sale or purchase escrow services, bulk sale escrows, or any escrows that involve the sale, purchase or refinance of real estate.  Exeter Fiduciary Services, LLC can refer you to some of our partners for these specific escrow services.


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