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Sample Aircraft Delivery Receipt

Please read our Legal Disclaimer.



As of this ___ day of _______________, 20___, __________________________ (hereinafter referred to as "Buyer") accepts delivery at _______________________________________ Airport, of the aircraft described below: That certain ____________________________________ model aircraft bearing United States Registration Number N__________ and manufacturer's serial number _____, together with two ______________________________________ model engines, bearing manufacturer's serial numbers __________ and __________, and all other appliances, data, parts, instruments, appurtenances, accessories, furnishings, or other equipment or property installed on or attached to said aircraft and engines as well as loose equipment and the aircraft documents associated with the above, as defined in that certain Aircraft Purchase Agreement (the "Agreement") by and between Buyer and Seller, dated the ___ day of _______________, 20___, all of which shall be hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Aircraft".

Buyer has inspected the Aircraft and all Aircraft Documents, as defined in the Agreement.

The Aircraft is accepted as meeting the terms and conditions of the Agreement this ___ day of ________________, 20___.






Legal Disclaimer

We're pleased to provide this sample agreement as a courtesy to our clients and their professional advisors.  While every effort has been made to provide comprehensive, accurate, current and useful agreements, forms and documents, Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC does not warrant or guarantee the information, content or accuracy, nor provide any legal opinion or representation on the agreements, forms or documents in any way. 

Please read our legal terms, conditions and disclaimers web page.

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