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The Exeter Exchange™ — 1031 Exchange Newsletter Archives

The Exeter Exchange™ Newsletter is a hardcopy newsletter written and produced by Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC for the educational benefit of its clients and their advisors.  You can obtain a hardcopy of The Exeter Exchange™ Newsletter by contacting any of our national branch offices or by downloading the PDF version linked below.

Volume IV  Issue I

Topics Include:

Zero Equity 1031 Exchange™

Short Sale/Foreclosure 1031 Exchange™

Case Studies with short sales and 1031 exchanges

Issue to be published in February 2010

Volume III  Issue II

Topics Include:

A New Way Out: the Deferred Sales Trust™

Will a Deferred Sales Trust Help You?

Click here to download this issue

You can also download the article entitled "A Way Out"

Volume III  Issue I

Topics Include:

Cultivating the Title Holding Trust (Land Trust)

Overview of the Title Holding Trust or Land Trust

24 Reasons to use a Title Holding Trust (Land Trust)

Tax Implications with a Title Holding Trust (Land Trust)

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Volume II  Issue I

Topics Include:

It's 3:00 in the morning...Will your QI pick up the telephone?  New standards for choosing a provider.

Ten key questions to ask when choosing a Qualified Intermediary

In search of the exceptional Qualified Intermediary: Thinking outside the box

The beauty of personalized service: Is anyone home? 

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Volume I  Issue II

Topics Include:

Special Edition Regarding Tax Relief for 2007 California Wildfire Disaster Victims

IRS Extends Deadlines for 2007 California Wildfire Disaster Victims

California FTB Also Provides Tax Relief Assistance for Disaster Victims

Property Tax Relief Available to Victims of the Southern California Fires

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Volume I  Issue I

Topics Include:

Look Before You Leap - Tax Deferral and Tax Exclusion Strategies

Choosing the Right Qualified Intermediary

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Legal Disclaimer

Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC is pleased to write, publish and distribute The Exeter Exchange™ providing clients and their advisors with educational and technical information regarding 1031 Exchanges.

While every effort has been made to provide comprehensive, accurate, current and useful information, Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC does not warrant or guarantee the information, content or opinions in any way, nor provide endorsements or referrals for any of the authors contained herein.  Please read our legal terms and disclosure.

These resources are available for educational and research purposes only.  Commercial use is permitted only with specific written permission by the authors.  All rights are reserved.

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